Bella's Thermometer Punishment - Bella Bird, Mistress Scarlet [FullHD 1080P]

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1 April 2023
Category: Spanking
In this custom film, Bella is staying with a good family friend, Miss Scarlet. She really wants to have her boyfriend over for the evening so she comes up with a plan to do this. Scarlet has plans to go out and Bella is meant to accompany her but she claims to be unwell. Scarlet takes her temperature and Bella touches it to the lamp to make it higher to convince the good lady she is actually not well. After Scarlet has left the house, she quickly reveals that she is wearing sexy lingerie under her cute pajamas. She puts on her high heels and goes down to let her boyfriend in. However, .Scarlett had forgotten her phone, returning early and she is livid that young Bella has lied by trying to sneak a boy into the house. She grabs sneaky Bella by the arm to the Living Room and takes her temperature the old-fashioned way; in her bottom, to assure that it will be correct. This is so humiliating and there is no fever... naughty lying girls get spankings and that is exactly what happens. After her bottom is a nice shade of pink she is told to strip, remove the sexy lingerie and change into something more appropriate that Scarlet has in mind. If she is going to act like a naughty little girl, she will have to wear a cute pink onesie! She is marched to the bedroom to put on her new clothes receiving a further spanking, this time with a leather paddle. She kicks and protests but that doesn't stop Scarlet who then uses the baby thermometer again in her bottom but to only further age regress and humiliate poor Bella who is left on her tummy, red bottom in the air with a thermometer poking out of it!

Name roliks: Bella's Thermometer Punishment - Bella Bird, Mistress Scarlet
Genre: BDSM, Spanking
Year: 2023