Mean Girls 3 - The Humiliation of Christy [HD 720P]

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9 September 2023
Category: Spanking
In the last chapter of Mean Girls (Ashley Lane, Apricot Pitts and Luci Lovett) the girls were punished for picking on some unknown freshman - and strapped hard! In this next Chapter we learn who that girl was, Christy Cutie. The Administrator, Stevie Rose, goes to the Mean Girls because Christy is having an affair with the Dean (is the Administrator jealous? maybe). She tells the Mean Girls that Christy is the one who ratted them out. She asks them to spank Christy hard! They agree if they get to spank Stevie first and she agrees to let each of them wheelbarrow her. When it comes to punishing Christy, they first humiliate her by playing Pussy Ring Toss and tossing rings at her boobs and pussy. Next they spank her and give her a good strapping before she spreads her naked cheeks for Penalty Swats! It fun for the whole family!

Name roliks: Mean Girls 3 - The Humiliation of Christy
Genre: BDSM, Spanking
Year: 2023