Ariel Anderssen Top Model vs.The New King [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

3.64 GB
13 September 2023
Category: Spanking
Top Model Ariel Anderssen has been invited to a reception for the new King, but she is far from impressed. For a start
they have all been kept waiting for hours. Then there's all this ridiculous pantomime of bowing and sc**** and titles
and the like. Honestly, do we need someone to do that job? Do we? Couldn't we just have any old person as head of state?
The King is not amused, and orders Ariel to be taken to the castle dungeons in speedcuffs. The King's guards come to strip
search her - security protocol demands it. He leaves her locked in the dungeon in steel collar and cuffs, chained to the
ceiling in the dungeon cell.

The King has decreed a series of punishments for his "loyal subject" - nipple clamp torture, flogging in the dungeon, then
demeaning blow-job training for the once-proud model! Humiliated, Ariel must suck cock on the floor of the dungeon to adequate
standard or she will be punished once again and subjected to prolonged confinement in the dungeons in heavy metal bondage.

Name roliks: Ariel Anderssen Top Model vs.The New King
Genre: BDSM, Spanking
Year: 2023