Trouble with Friends - Cleo Devine and Cara Day - Vol2 [FullHD 1080P]

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17 May 2023
Category: Spanking
Cara is bored at home, grounded. Deciding to have a friend over against the rules. They are soon playing with her step-dad's vintage video games, which Cleo takes into the bathroom and damages. Cara panics knowing she will be caught and spanked by her step-dad. Telling Cleo exactly what she's going to get, it's only fair if Cleo gets a spanking too. Pulling her across her lap for a stinging Spanking on her skin tight pants. Cleo protests each stinging spank. Bending her over against the headboard, the Spanking progresses to include a strapping and paddling on her bared bottom. Cara's step-dad comes home early from work surprising the two naughty girls. Cleo hides hastily in the closet, peering out to see Cara being scolded. Confessing the broken video game, Cara is immediately ordered to get across his knee. From her secret view in the closet, Cleo has a front row seat to her friend being spanked over step-dad's knee. She is startled when he removes his belt and begins to lay in to Cara's poor little bottom. Cleo blows her cover from her vantage point in the closet and soon finds her self bent over the bed next to her friend. Cara is quick to lay the blame for the broken video game and Cleo finds her self d****d across his knee. His big hands cover her thin pants with hard swats. Her bottom jiggles as she is firmly spanked. His belt sizzle down across her bottom, subjecting her to the painful Discipline she just watched her friend endure. Cara is ordered to take her place beside Cleo for a side-by-side belt whip-ping. Setting their bottoms on fire with his belt, they are ordered to remove their pants and bend back over for a good scorching with step-dad's paddle. Cara and Cleo cry out immediately at the forceful swats. Their panties are pulled down as their bottoms are paddled sore and sorry.

Name roliks: Trouble with Friends - Cleo Devine and Cara Day - Vol2
Genre: BDSM, Spanking
Year: 2023